No annual fee!1Fuel Rewards MasterCard

Fuel Rewards® MasterCard®

Accelerate your savings. You could earn more with the Fuel Rewards MasterCard.

When you use your Fuel Rewards MasterCard2, you earn at least 5¢/gal for every $100 spent on all purchases.3

Accelerated Rewards


for all purchases

+ 20¢/gal

for select grocers

= 25¢/gal4

for every $100 spent

Earn a total of 25¢/gal for every $100 spent when using your Fuel Rewards MasterCard and shopping at participating grocery locations.


for all purchases

+ 5¢/gal

for other grocers, dining, travel and home improvement

= 10¢/gal5

for every $100 spent

Earn a total of 10¢/gal for every $100 spent when using your Fuel Rewards MasterCard and shopping at non-participating grocery locations, dining out, on travel or on home improvement.

The maximum total reward for every $100 spend is 25¢/gal.


Chip Cards

Chip cards are the newest standard for payment security in the United States. Proven chip technology better protects you — and your data. Enjoy your same great benefits of the Fuel Rewards MasterCard, now with added security.

Security Chip

The chip provides an added layer of protection by producing a unique code to validate each card transaction, making data more difficult to counterfeit.

Insert to Pay

Insert the chip end of your card into the bottom slot of the chip-enabled terminal (with the chip facing up). Follow the prompts and only remove your card once the transaction is complete.

Tap to Pay

If you see this symbol at the checkout, you can choose to tap your card against the terminal, then follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Swipe to Pay

If a merchant hasn’t yet switched to chip-enabled payment readers, you can still use your card by swiping the magnetic strip.