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Accelerated Rewards

For every $100 you spend on your
Fuel Rewards Network MasterCard,2 you could earn up to:

— FOR —

Earn 25¢/GAL for
every $100 spent by shopping at select grocery locations? and through the Fuel Rewards Network Online Mall.3


Earn 25¢/gal for every $100 spent at the following select FRN grocers:
BI-LO, Winn-Dixie, Homeland, Country Mart, Jewel-Osco, Save Mart.

— FOR —

Earn 10¢/GAL for
every $100 spent at all other grocers, when dining out, on travel and on home improvement.

— FOR —

Earn 5¢/GAL for
every $100 spent on other everyday purchases!4

  • INTRODUCTORY OFFER Earn up to $30 in additional fuel savings for the first $700 you spend on your Fuel Rewards Network MasterCard.5,6

Amplified Savings

Rack up big savings on fuel annually
just by shopping with the Fuel Rewards Network MasterCard.7 
(There's no limit to the amount of fuel savings you can earn!)


That's $600 in annual savings!8


All standard MasterCard® benefits, including:

  • Exclusive bonus offers throughout the year!
  • 0% liability on all unauthorized purchases9
  • Lost/Stolen card reporting
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Emergency cash advance
  • And more!
  1. Standard variable APR of 16.99%, 20.99% or 24.99%, based on Prime Rate and your creditworthiness. Balance Transfer and Cash Advance APR of 26.99% based on Prime Rate. Minimum Interest charged is $2.00 per credit plan.
  2. Subject to credit approval. Fuel Rewards Network MasterCard accounts are issued by Comenity Capital Bank, pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.
  3. Limited-time offer.
  4. Gas and convenience store purchases are not eligible to earn Fuel Rewards® savings.
  5. Earn additional Fuel Rewards® savings of $1.50/gal when you spend $700 within 90 days after opening your account.
  6. Savings based on $1.50/gal in savings redeemed for a 20 gallon fill up.
  7. The Fuel Rewards Network™ program is owned and operated by Excentus Corporaton. The terms may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. See for complete Fuel Rewards Network™ program details and Terms and Conditions. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
  8. Figures represent potential Fuel Rewards® savings and household spending amounts based on 2012 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistcs. Actual figures may vary. Annual savings is based on a 20 gallon fuel tank.
  9. Certain restrictions apply. See for details. Refer to MasterCard Guide to Benefits for full terms and conditions.

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