Terms & Conditions

Fuel Rewards® Limited - Time Continuity Offer

Offer valid 1/6/20 to 12/31/23 or while supplies last. To qualify for the full 10¢/gal offer, you must (i) have a Dunkin Rewards account; and (ii) have linked your Dunkin Rewards account to your Fuel Rewards® account at www.dunkinrewards.com/shell. Restrictions apply. As a Dunkin Rewards member who qualifies for this offer, you will earn 5¢/gal after every 5th beverage purchase at participating Dunkin’ Donuts® locations using your Dunkin Rewards account which will be added to the 5¢/gal in Fuel Rewards® savings you receive with your complimentary Gold Status*, for a total of 10¢/gal. Offer may take up to 72 hours to activate after purchase of the 5th beverage and excludes Cooler Beverages.

Complimentary Gold Status

*Restrictions apply. To qualify for the complimentary Gold Status offer for Dunkin Rewards members, you must (i) be a Dunkin Rewards member, (ii) have linked your DD Perks account to your Fuel Rewards® account at www.dunkinrewards.com/shell. Additionally, to qualify for complimentary Gold Status through 12/31/23, you must register either as a new Fuel Rewards® member or log in with your existing Fuel Rewards® member information at www.dunkinrewards.com/shell. With complimentary Gold Status, you will receive 5¢/gal in Fuel Rewards® savings on every fill-up. To save with your complimentary Gold Status when you fuel at participating Shell stations, swipe your Fuel Rewards® card or a Link & Save™ enabled payment card, enter your Alt ID, or pay for fuel using a mobile payment app associated with your Fuel Rewards® account. It may not be possible to combine all discounts and/or rewards in a single transaction. Complimentary Gold Status rewards offered to Dunkin Rewards members cannot be combined with Gold or Silver Status rewards from any other Fuel Rewards® program offer but can be combined with other rewards in your Fuel Rewards® account. Offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice.

Redemption of Rewards

Redeem Fuel Rewards® savings with your Fuel Rewards® card or Alt ID at participating Shell stations. Fuel Rewards® savings are limited to twenty (20) gallons of fuel per purchase, per vehicle, or fraud limits placed by Shell and/or limits placed on your financial card by your financial institution, each of which may be lower. Fuel Rewards® savings must be redeemed in a single transaction. Once you begin to dispense fuel using your Fuel Rewards® savings, you must dispense to the 20-gallon limit or you forfeit any remaining discounted gallons of fuel. For example, if you only pump fifteen (15) gallons of fuel, you would abandon the remaining five (5) gallons of discounted fuel. If you have a rewards balance greater than the current per-gallon price of fuel, the price will roll down to the maximum capability of the fuel equipment, and your remaining rewards will be saved for a future fuel purchase. Dispenser may require a price of up to 10.9¢/gal. For purchases of seventy-five dollars ($75) or more, please go inside to pay. Unbranded diesel and alternative fuels may not be eligible. To learn more, visit fuelrewards.com/gold or call (888) 603-0473. The Fuel Rewards® program is owned and operated by Excentus Corporation. Offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. Not valid where prohibited by law. Please see fuelrewards.com for complete Fuel Rewards® program details and Terms and Conditions. Other restrictions may apply. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.