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Leigh Ann

Dothan, Alabama

Member since: 2013
Savings-to-date: $264
Fun Fact: She’s a mother of two who also teaches college courses and just like a former U.S. president, grew up on a peanut farm.


"Go to the website and link your MasterCard or Visa to your account and then see all the places you can earn rewards."


West Columbia, South Carolina

Member since: 2012
Savings-to-date: $687
Fun Fact: Believe it or not, this mother of four has helped develop a popular mobile gaming app.


"Lots of restaurants we regularly go to participate in the program. So now when we go there, we earn rewards. It really adds up fast."

Leigh Ann


Charleston, South Carolina

Member since: 2013
Savings-to-date: $664
Fun Fact: Office manager. Mother of two. Water skier. Wake boarder.


"Get the Fuel Rewards app on your phone! It makes it easy to find the closest gas station or restaurant that’s a member. And it’s all in the palm of your hand."