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Filling up should be this rewarding

When you spend less on fuel, you have more for life’s rewarding moments. This makes filling up the most rewarding part of being a Fuel Rewards® Member, and we want to make sure you know how.


How to Redeem

  1. Locate a participating Shell fuel station

  2. Use your rewards at the pump

    • Begin your transaction like normal
    • Follow the prompts for “Rewards”, then “FRN” or “Fuel Rewards”
    • Insert your Fuel Rewards card or key in your Member ID
    • Watch your price per gallon drop
  3. Or, pay inside the store

    • Show the cashier your Fuel Rewards card or Member ID before you pay
    • They’ll apply any rewards to your fuel purchase

Get started – get a bonus


We know that trying something new can be scary, so we’ll give you an extra 25¢/gal reward when you fill up for the first time. When you get your Fuel Rewards Network card, go to the nearest Shell and fill up – you’ll save 3¢/gal just for being a member. Plus, you’ll get rewarded with a 25¢/gal bonus in your account.


Important information


Account balance

Staying up to date on your current reward balance can help you get the most out of this program. Check your dashboard or text BALANCE to 83835 to view your current Fuel Rewards savings balance.


Site locator

Chances are you already know where to find the nearest Shell station. If not, then use our handy site locator map to find a participating location near you. You may also download our iPhone or Android apps to make this easier.


Member ID

To make being a member even more rewarding, you are able to redeem your rewards without your Fuel Rewards card. Simply enter your Member ID number at the pump to redeem your Fuel Rewards® savings. If you don't have a Member ID you can set it up in your Account Profile.


Things to remember


Just for being a member, you save at least 3¢/gal*. Use your card or Member ID every time you fill up at participating locations!

*limited-time offer


It’s a good idea to wait until your tank gets low to use your rewards. You can only use your rewards on one fill-up. If your balance is higher than the price of fuel, the rewards that you didn’t use for your fill-up will be left over in your account.


There is a maximum 20-gallon limit on each fill-up. If your tank holds more than 20 gallons, you will need to start a new transaction after you fill the first 20 gallons – the pump will stop automatically. You will have to start another transaction to finish your fill-up. Many members with larger tanks try to fill up just before they are completely empty.


Rewards do expire. So, we want to help you keep track of your balance. We’ll send reminder e-mail each month before rewards expire, and you can see how much of your balance is expiring soon on your dashboard and in the mobile app.


What's next?


Be on the look out for more e-mails with tips to maximize your Fuel Rewards savings. Some of these e-mails will even include special bonus opportunities – it’s rewarding to be a Fuel Rewards member!


Ready for more? Don't want to wait?