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Get rewarded for shopping online. Earn at least 5¢/gal for every $50 you spend shopping the brand names you know and love.

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Redeem at any participating fuel station using your Fuel Rewards® card or member ID

Online Shopping Details

  • Create a Fuel Rewards account and then click through to your favorite retailers. There are hundreds of retailers to choose from
  • Complete your purchase on the retailer’s site as usual. No linked cards are required to earn
  • Earn at least 5¢/gal for every $50.00 you spend across all of the online retailers. Learn more about reward multipliers and how to earn rewards even faster
  • Shop a little, shop a lot. All purchases are combined, and the $50.00 threshold may be met in a single transaction or across multiple transactions and retailers
  • Rewards are usually added to your account within 5 days, however some retailer purchases may take longer

How do multipliers work?

Some merchants offer 2X, 3X or even higher multipliers. You’ll spend less and earn more. The multiplier is applied to your purchase amount so you get to the $50.00 threshold faster. Here’s how it works:

$50 spent at a 1x merchant earns 5¢/gal

$25 spent at a 2x merchant earns 5¢/gal

$50 spent at a 2x merchant earns 10¢/gal

Tips & Tricks

Add a bookmark for easy access to

Have a specific item in mind? Search for it to find all stores that carry that product, and choose the retailer with the highest multiplier.

Make sure your browser settings are not blocking cookies, and don’t close the window until your purchase is complete.

Check our shopping page for available coupons that may be combined with your purchase.

Have a particular store in mind? Check our shopping page before heading straight there. It’s a few extra clicks for easy savings.

Save on shipping costs. Order online and pick up in-store.