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Lower your price-per-gallon
at the pump!

As a Fuel Rewards Network member, you never have to pay full price. Find out how to redeem your Fuel Rewards savings and drop your price every time at the pump.


How to Redeem

  1. Locate a participating Shell fuel station

  2. Use your rewards at the pump

    • Begin your transaction like normal
    • Follow the prompts for “Rewards”, then “FRN” or “Fuel Rewards”
    • Insert your Fuel Rewards Network™ Card
    • Watch your price per gallon drop
  3. Or, pay inside the store

    • Show the cashier your Fuel Rewards Network™ Card before you pay
    • They’ll apply any rewards to your fuel purchase

Get started – get a bonus


We’ll give you an extra 20¢/gal reward when you fill up for the first time, just for trying it out!


Important information


Account balance

Check your dashboard or text FUELREWARDS to 67463 to view your current Fuel Rewards savings balance.


Site locator

Use our handy site locator map to find a participating location near you. You may also download our iPhone or Android apps to make this easier.


3¢ Member bonus

Just for being a member, you save at least 3¢/gal. Use your card every time you fill up at participating locations! Limited-time offer.

Fill the whole tank

Wait until your tank gets low to use your rewards. You can only use your rewards on one fill-up. If your balance is higher than the price of fuel, the rewards that you didn’t use for your fill-up will be left over in your account.

Restrictions apply

Some locations offer rewards based on the day of the week, or the meal being served. Check for restrictions on our dining map or here.

Rewards expire

Dining rewards expire in the month following the month they were earned. For example if you earned a reward on February 15, the reward would expire March 30.

What's next?


Be on the look out for more e-mails with tips to maximize your Fuel Rewards savings. Some of these e-mails will even include special bonus opportunities – it’s rewarding to be a Fuel Rewards Network Member!


Ready for more? Don't want to wait?