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How? Simply join the more than 3 million people who are already part of the Fuel Rewards™ program. It's a FREE loyalty program that helps you spend less on gas, so you can spend more on what matters to you.

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Rewards of Membership

You'll never need to pay full price again!

Once you start earning Fuel Rewards savings, you'll be surprised at how fast the rewards add up.

  • FRN™ Members pay an average of 23¢/gal less when they fill up
  • Save at least 3¢/gal every time you fill up
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Many ways to earn

Shop Online

There are hundreds of places to shop in the FRN Online Mall – brand names you already know and love.

Dine Out

Choose from over 10,000 restaurants, bars and clubs to earn Fuel Rewards savings.

Buy Groceries

Earn Fuel Rewards when you shop at participating grocery chains – it's as easy as shopping with your existing grocery reward card.

Use your MasterCard®

Pay with your MasterCard and earn even more Fuel Rewards. Don't have a one? Apply for the Fuel Rewards Network MasterCard.

Participant Programs

From paying your energy bill to stocking up on everyday essentials to winning big in Las Vegas, explore the many different ways to earn rewards.

Shop at Shell stations

Purchase coffee, snacks, gift cards and other specially marked items at participating Shell stations.


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The FRN difference

There's no other program like the Fuel Rewards Network.

Many ways to earn rewards

Frequent limited-time
and bonus offers

Fuel Rewards add up and there's no limit on earnings

Redeem easily at participating Shell stations

It's easy to get started

  1. Join for free
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  3. Redeem your rewards at Shell – you'll save every time you fill up!