How to Redeem Fuel Rewards® Savings

Here’s everything you need to know about how to fill up for less.

What you need

Choose your favorite way to redeem your rewards at the pump:

A Fuel Rewards card

Pick one up a participating location, or request one here. Once you have a card, link it to your account. Swipe it at the pump before filling up.

An Alt ID

Add your mobile number to your profile here, and we’ll create an ALT ID for you. Key it in at the pump instead of swiping a card.

Fill up faster with Link & Save

Redeem your rewards and pay for fuel with just a single swipe of your linked credit or debit card. Link your card here and opt in to Link & Save. When ready to redeem, skip the prompts at the pump. Just swipe your linked card and your rewards are automatically applied.

How to Redeem Fuel Rewards savings

Once you've earned fuel savings, next comes the fun part - using them to lower your price at the pump.


Find a participating Shell or other select gas station

When prompted at the pump, select "Fuel Rewards"

Swipe your Fuel Rewards card or key-in your ALT ID before you pay

Insert your credit or debit card to finish the transaction

Fill up faster with Link & Save™

You can also redeem inside the convenience store. Just ask the attendant.

Mobile tools at the pump

Download the app

  • Find locations
  • Access balance and ALT ID
  • Add digital card to Passbook or Google Wallet

SMS text for quick info

  • Add your mobile number to your profile first
  • Text BALANCE to 83835 for your reward balance
  • Text ALTID to 83835 for your ALT ID
  • Subscribe to SMS alerts and stay in-the-know
    *You will receive one (1) auto-dialed message. Message and data rates may apply. Text HELP for info. View full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Tips & Tricks

There’s a 20-gallon limit on fill-ups. Get the most out of your rewards by filling up when your tank is low.

Paying with cash? Redeem your rewards inside the convenience store before starting your fuel transaction. Just ask the attendant.

All pumps are different and may display different prompts. Just make sure you select “rewards” at the pump and use your Fuel Rewards card or member ID before you pay.