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Fuel Rewards® program

  1. What is the Fuel Rewards® program?
  2. A free loyalty program that rewards members with cents-per-gallon savings at the pump.

  3. How does the Fuel Rewards program help me save money on fuel?
  4. Simply shop and dine with participating retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, Shell convenience stores, and more to earn Fuel Rewards® savings. Once earned, swipe your Fuel Rewards card or enter your ALT ID at the pump to redeem your rewards

  5. What are Fuel Rewards savings?
  6. Fuel rewards savings is the currency of the Fuel Rewards program. Fuel Rewards savings are used to lower your price per gallon at the pump.

  7. What are all the ways to earn Fuel Rewards savings?
  8. The Fuel Rewards program is continually expanding the ways to earn savings. Many of our members enjoy earning while shopping online, dining out, buying groceries, or simply by using a linked MasterCard. To see all the ways to earn go here.

  9. Will my personal information be put on any mailing list or shared with anyone else?
  10. The Fuel Rewards program uses your information to provide you with the most relevant offers possible based on your location, etc. We share your information with Shell Oil Products, US and its affiliated companies and their respective advertising, promotions and public relations companies. The use of your information by Shell is subject to the Fuel Rewards program privacy policy.

Tier Status

  1. What are the tiers?
  2. Currently, there are two tiers: Gold and Silver. All new members receive a complimentary Gold status for the first full six months of membership. After that period, members will need to qualify for Gold status by filling up with at least 5 gallons 6 times or more during the qualification period.

  3. What are the benefits of each tier?
  4. Members with Gold status will receive at least 5¢/gal for every fill-up. Members with Silver status will receive at least 3¢/gal on every fill up.

  5. How long does my Gold status last?
  6. Existing Fuel Rewards® members, as of 6/5/2017, will receive complimentary Gold Status through Dec. 31, 2017. New Fuel Rewards members will receive instant Gold status for the first 6 full months of their membership. For example, if you join in February, you will receive Gold status through the end of August.

  7. How do I maintain Gold Status?
  8. To maintain your Gold Status after the introductory period, you will need to have filled-up at least 6 times in the previous 3 months. That's only two times per month. For example, if you join in February, you will receive Gold status through the end of August. To maintain your status from September-November, you must average 2 fill-ups a month between June and August.

  9. Does my Tier benefit combine with other rewards I earn?
  10. In most cases, you will receive your Tier Benefit plus any other earned Fuel Rewards savings.

  11. What is Gold+ Status?
  12. Gold+ Status in the Fuel Rewards® program is created for Shell’s best customers to recognize and reward them for their loyalty. While membership in the Fuel Rewards program is open to anyone, Gold+ Status is available by invitation only.

  13. How do I get Gold+ Status?
  14. We encourage you to make Shell your preferred fuel brand and purchase often using your Fuel Rewards account to increase your opportunity to reach Gold+ Status. Invitations are based on purchases of Shell fuel and convenience store items, as well as activity in the Fuel Rewards program.

  15. What benefits are available with Gold+ Status?
  16. Fuel Rewards members with Gold+ Status are eligible to receive exclusive benefits and access to one-of-a-kind experiences. To see what is currently available, click here.


  1. Why should I link credit/debit or loyalty cards to my account?
  2. To be rewarded for eligible purchases made with the card linked to your Fuel Rewards account.

  3. Which credit cards can I link?
  4. You can link Mastercard®, Visa® and American Express® payment cards to your account and earn Fuel Rewards savings with Card-Linked Offers or when Dining Out. Offer valid with linked:

    • Mastercard® credit, signature debit and signature prepaid cards,
    • Visa® credit and signature debit cards, and/or
    • American Express® credit and prepaid cards.

    Linked Mastercard cards are eligible for additional savings with Mastercard Limited-Time Offers.

  5. How do I link my Mastercard or other credit cards to my Fuel Rewards account?
  6. Simply go to Manage Cards page and click on "Add Card".

  7. How do I link my Grocery Card?
  8. To link a participating grocery card go to the Manage Cards page, scroll to the Grocery and other Accounts section, and click "Add Card".

  9. How do I link my IGS Energy Account?
  10. IGS Energy accounts must be linked at the IGS Energy website.

Lower your price

  1. How do I use Fuel Rewards savings to lower my price at the pump?
  2. Swipe your Fuel Rewards card or enter your Alt ID at the pump. If you pay inside, present either your Fuel Rewards card or Alt ID to the attendant.

  3. How do I get a Alt ID?
  4. Set up your Alt ID in your account profile. Your Alt ID is your primary phone number. We recommend using your mobile number.

  5. How much can I save on each fill-up?
  6. There is no maximum. Some stations set a minimum payment level and all stations are limited to 20 gallons. So if you have $1.50 in Fuel Rewards savings then you can save a maximum of $30 ($1.50 x 20 gallons) on your fill-up.

  7. What happens if my Fuel Rewards savings are greater than the price of a gallon of gas?
  8. The amount greater than the per-gallon price will simply roll over to your next fill up. For example, if a gallon of gas is $3.50 and you have $4.00 in Fuel Rewards savings, you will be able to roll over 50¢/gal to your next fill-up.

  9. Do I need a Fuel Rewards Card to redeem my savings?
  10. You may use your Alt ID or a Fuel Rewards card to redeem savings. If you do not have a card, you may pick one up at a Shell station and link it to your account or request one to be mailed to you when you sign up.

  11. I need a new Fuel Rewards card, how do I get one?
  12. If your Fuel Rewards Card is lost or stolen, contact Member Support.

Rewards Expiration

  1. Do my Fuel Rewards savings ever expire?
  2. Most rewards expire on the last day of the month. Some rewards are available longer than others, but all rewards are available for at least one month. See below for details on expiration for each program offer.

    1-Month Expiration

    Rewards earned through the following offers expire on the last day of the month, one full month following the month in which they were earned.

    Ex: Earn a reward on June 15, and the reward will expire on July 31.

    MasterCard® Offers
    Shop at Shell
    Caesars Total Rewards
    Countrymart® Offers
    IGS Energy

    2-Month Expiration

    Rewards earned through the following offers expire on the last day of the month, two full months following the month in which they were earned.

    Ex: Earn a reward on June 15, and the reward will expire on August 31.

    Card-Linked Offers
    Online Shopping

    3-Month Expiration

    Rewards earned through the following offers expire on the last day of the month, three full months following the month in which they were earned.

    Ex: Earn a reward on June 15, and the reward will expire on September 30.


    30-Day Expiration

    Rewards earned through the following offers expire 30 days after the reward is earned.

    Ex: Earn a reward on June 15, and the reward will expire on July 15.

  3. How do I check my balance and expiring rewards?
  4. You can check your balance and view expiring rewards online, text BALANCE to 83835, or download the mobile app.

Data Security

  1. How do I protect the data associated with my Fuel Rewards® account?
  2. There are several ways to protect yourself. Here are three immediate steps you can take to protect your information:

    • Keep your software up-to-date: Software has vulnerabilities, and attackers find, target and exploit these vulnerabilities on a daily basis, which is why you need to be diligent about applying the patches and updates that your software providers issue. Most of these updates can be applied automatically, but you should schedule a regular time to review your software “portfolio” and manually apply any patches or updates that, for whatever reason, can’t be automated. Be aware that attackers may try to fool you into installing malware by making you think it’s an update, so be sure to apply only trusted patches that you have accessed directly from the software provider’s website.
    • Be smart about your passwords: Make sure that your passwords are unique and complex – at least eight characters, including a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Many consumers are turning to password managers to help themselves out with this important but tedious chore.
    • Be aware – even suspicious – of email attachments and web links: Some of the most basic things you can do to protect yourself include manually typing in the Web address for your bank, for example, as opposed to clicking on the link that purports to take you to your banking website. Trust your instincts: If it looks or sounds suspicious, it probably is.
  3. Who can I call if I believe my Fuel Rewards account has been compromised?
  4. If you believe your account has been compromised, call Fuel Rewards Members Services immediately at (888) 603-0473.